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We are a niche dental recruitment company that specialise in headhunting the very best Dentist and Associate Dentists by utilising our unique attraction marketing approach. We understand that in order to hire the very best candidates, the way in which we market your business is absolutely key! 

Unlike other agencies that focus on taking on as many vacancies as possible, we only intend to work with the best practices and clinics as we utilise our video production partners to help attract the best candidates for each vacancy we work on.

Dental Recruitment

As much as we believe dentistry knowledge is extremely essential, we are also aware that ultimately, attraction marketing is what will get our clients the very best results!

Recruitment is a mixture of sales and marketing, and we believe that in this space, we are unrivalled in both facets.

The outlook of today’s workforce is different, with an ever-shifting landscape. The career goals of the individuals we present, and the organizational goals of the companies we represent is constantly changing. The way in which we do business then is different too.


Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We listen, we learn, we stay nimble and focused, and we are committed to providing the best opportunities possible. We view our customers as our long-term business partners. This means our success depends on their success. After all, we believe the most important asset of every organization is its people.

To help us discover what it is you value most, we encourage you to communicate with us openly and honestly. We endeavor to learn about your needs and to develop a mutually successfully, continually strengthening relationship together. We can offer solutions to the employment challenges you face every day.

Denterex is free to embrace new ideas, acting in the best interest of those it serves. We believe that this insight, coupled with our size, and our proprietary technology-driven

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